Reconciling Marriages with
Coach Jack


Consultations & Coaching Packages

You can spend months talking about problems, or you can learn, in one session, things to do this week to be more connected. That’s the counseling versus coaching difference.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Jack saved my marriage
“ When I started with Jack my wife and I were separated and my wife was not in love with me. 4 weeks later we’re back living together and I have the tools to continue growing and rebuilding our relationship, with my wife telling me she loves me daily. I recommend Jack’s services to anyone who finds themselves in the same unfortunate situation.”- Grant, Canada

End the Crisis with a plan of action

Single Session Consultations

Coach Jack will help you to identify action steps that you can take to start reconciling with your spouse. These sessions are guaranteed meaning that if Coach Jack can’t help you to find action steps, your session is free.

build Your Relationship with Skills

Coaching Packages

Get a one month coaching package that is packed with the skills you need for re-interesting your spouse in your relationship, dealing with a difficult spouse, ending a spouse’s affair, or overcoming neediness.

Increase Your self-Help Knowledge

Relationship Books

Learn skills for ending conflict, attracting your spouse, preventing and ending affairs, and using boundaries to save your marriage. Learn new skills, work at your own pace, or supplement your coaching/counseling.

About Coach Jack

Do you want to know why more than 9000 people have chosen to work with Coach Jack?

Because restoring damaged relationships is his specialty

Coach Jack brings Christian values, straight talk, direction, and instruction to help you:
  • Get your spouse to feel relaxed with you
  • Stop getting rejection from your spouse
  • Get your spouse to talk with you more than just about “business”
  • Create the desire in your spouse to want to date you
  • Get your spouse to want to work on your relationship
  • Stop your spouse from needing “space”
  • Learn how to be the number one attractive person in your spouse’s life
  • Learn how to trigger your spouse’s “in-love” feelings for you again
  • End your spouse’s affair
  • Overcome neediness


Starting at $169.90

Per Session

  • Identify Actions to Start Reconciling
  • Recording or Summary
  • Email support
Coaching packages

Starting at $549.90

Per Month

  • Identify Actions to Start Reconciling
  • Learn Attraction Skills
  • Learn Connection Skills
  • Create Boundary Steps
  • Recording or Summary Options
  • Email Support Options