5 Ways to Improve Your Marriage Today

Get started right now, improving your marriage. Pick one of these 5 action steps to have a better relationship with your spouse. 

Hello, I’m Dr. Jack Ito, Christian psychologist, author, marriage and relationship coach.

This post is to help you to know where to start fixing your relationship. The ideas on this page can help you to:

  • end conflict
  • improve communication
  • become more desirable to your spouse
  • have a more enjoyable marriage
  • prevent or end your spouse’s affair

1. If your relationship is generally pretty good, but could be better in some areas

Use the search box on this page:

For example, putting in the word dating will give you articles to help you improve dates and deal with dating problems in your marriage.

Putting in the word separation will give you articles on preventing a separation, separation boundaries, and the best way to separate when you want to reconcile.

Power user’s tip:

Click on All Articles List on the menu of any web page to see a complete list of the articles on this website.

2. If your relationship is starting to become noticeably more emotionally distant

If you and your spouse date less, talk less, or do things together less, you are becoming disconnected. Time to take action before that gets worse. In that case…

Download a free course:

For women, the link is here: Five Free Relationship Lessons for Women

For men, the link is here: Free Relationship eBook for Men

Do every single thing you learn in that course.

I get many emails each week telling me how these free courses have completely changed the direction of someone’s marriage.

3. If your relationship has ongoing conflict

Conflict happens for particular reasons. You either:

  • don’t know how to communicate about things you don’t agree on,
  • you do things to create conflict, or
  • your spouse does things to create conflict.

Get a book on the particular one you need the most help with.

Connecting through “Yes!” to end conflict in your relationship while building it at the same time. Also available in audio–listen while you commute!

Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want, if you are creating conflict and your behavior is driving your spouse away. Also available in audio–listen while you commute!

What to Do When He Won’t Change. (Also helpful for men). Get this book if your spouse is persistently doing damaging things.

4. If you are confused and need a little guidance

You can get a coaching consultation session.

If Coach Jack can’t help, your fee for the session will be refunded.

Single session consultation with Dr. Ito

5. If your spouse has already rejected you or you can no longer tolerate your spouse’s behavior

You can get a 30 day coaching package tailored to your situation. These popular packages provide an intense level of help and resources to improve your marriage as soon as possible.

  • a plan for your situation
  • what to do
  • what not to do
  • what to say

Coaching is for people who want to learn skills and take action, without delay.

Don’t confuse it with talk therapy (a counseling approach).

Coaching is for you alone.

If is NOT for you and your spouse. Learn to change what you do in order to change what your spouse does.

It would take most people more than a year to make these kinds of changes on their own.

All you need to do is to click on the “Coaching Packages” link on the menu at the top of the page.

Thank you for visiting my website. Have a productive visit!


Jack Ito PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Marriage & Relationship Coach

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