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How to Get More Respect and Love from Your Spouse

If you don’t feel loved, you may not be earning your spouse’s respect If your spouse does not respect you, he (or she) has learned that he doesn’t have to.  And, he learned this from you.  This often happens to people who fear their spouse’s reaction if they speak up or do something.  They rely too much on being patient.  This does not...

Blaming, Complaining, and Verbal Abuse

Blaming is when your partner tells you that you caused something bad, whether or not you actually did.  You can be blamed for your spouse’s thoughts, feelings, or actions, as well as any situation in the past, present, or future (e.g. “It’s because of you that we will never have money”). What is the Difference Between Blaming and Complaining? Blaming is...

Getting More Respect in Your Marriage or Relationship

Love and respect go hand in hand. If you want your spouse or partner to love you more, you are going to have to make sure you have earned his or her respect.