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Connecting Through “Yes!”:  How to Agree When You Don’t Agree to Get Cooperation and Closeness In Your Marriage

Relationship Book by Jack Ito 197x303

by Jack Ito PhD, Psychologist, Marriage and Relationship Coach

  • Available at Online Stores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Paperback 292 pages
  • Now available in Audio!
  • Also available as Kindle e-book or paperback
  • 2013

Do you know how to use agreement to transform your biggest areas of marital conflict into closeness, cooperation, and the changes that YOU want in your relationship?

In this remarkable book, you will learn with clear, easy to follow examples, how to communicate about the biggest problems that couples face.  You will be able to transform a situation that normally would cause an argument into one of cooperation and relationship building.

With this book, you can:

  • Use agreement to stop a divorce,
  • Use agreement to end an affair,
  • Use agreement to end an addiction,
  • Use agreement to put an end to blame,
  • Use agreement to end parenting conflicts,
  • Use agreement to get out of debt,
  • Use agreement to end selfishness,
  • Use agreement to end a separation,
  • Use agreement to improve dating,
  • Use agreement when your spouse has a psychological disorder, AND
  • Learn to combine boundaries with agreement for powerful effects.

You will also learn a 5 step, no-conflict problem solving method you can use together with your husband or wife, to make your relationship better than ever.


Relationship Book by Jack Ito 307x471
Disclosure: I make a small commission for affiliate links on this page

If you have been waiting for a book that teaches you how to lovingly connect with your spouse without being needy, submissive, or controlling, then you will love this book!
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