5 Books to Give You the Right Words, Boundaries, and Skills for Restoring Your Marriage

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What do Do When He Won't Change

What to Do When He Won’t Change:  Saving Your Marriage or Relationship When He Is Angry, Selfish, Unhappy, or Avoids You

Practical help for turning a difficult husband into a loving husband.  With this book, you can learn to bring out the loving man hiding behind his cold or rough exterior.  Learn what motivates him to behave the way he does and how you can get him to change….(Details)

Connecting Through Yes Book

Connecting Through “Yes!”:  How to Agree When You Don’t Agree to Get Cooperation and Closeness in Your Marriage

Use this book by yourself or with your spouse to make conflict a thing of the past.  This book will teach you how to emotionally connect and feel close again–even in the midst of an affair, financial problems, blaming, addictions, parenting conflicts, ….(Details) Now available in audio!

Overcome Neediness Book

Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want

Find a life partner or get more love from the one you’ve got.  This book will teach you how to be more secure, be more attractive, be less work, and get the best from your partner instead of bringing out the worst ….(Details) Now available in audio!

Preventing affairs cover pic

A Christian Guide to Preventing and Ending Men’s Affairs (Without Being Patient or Submissive)

Affair proof your marriage or end a current affair. This book will help you to decide on the steps you will take to maintain faithfulness in your marriage. You need to shift out of a victim mentality and get pro-active to restore your relationship in these difficult times. NEW!

Therapy Beyond All Expectations Book

Therapy Beyond All Expectations:  The Self-Help Book That Takes Your Therapy to a Whole New Level

Use this book to get more benefit from counseling (not coaching).  This book helps to bring focus and application to what you are learning in counseling.  If you are just thinking about getting counseling or are wishing that you were getting more out of your counseling, this book is for you…(Details)