Does your wife no longer enjoy talking with you?

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How to Talk to Your Wife

Restoring Loving Communication in a Damaged Relationship

You know that your relationship is in trouble if you and your wife aren’t talking much anymore. This is especially true if all you talk about is what is necessary–the routines of day to day living. In order to keep a relationship alive, your wife must not only talk to you, she must also enjoy talking to you.

How can you talk to your wife in such a way that she enjoys talking with you more? And how can get her to transition from talking about the kids or work to more fun and intimate subjects? This practical guide will teach you some simple changes you can start making right away that will build your communication and your relationship.

Many men in distant marriages mistakenly struggle to find more and more topics to talk about instead of looking at the way they talk. They think that as long as they keep keep their wives talking, that is going to build the relationship. The truth is, if you get her to talk more, but she does not enjoy it more, then it will become like work for her. Then she will enjoy talking to you even less. You can get out of this vicious cycle by helping her to enjoy the way you talk, and listen, to her.

If you have enjoyed the articles on this website, you will find this concentrated focus on communication skills to be practical and effective. The kinds of skills that I always strive to give my coaching clients. Sign up for your free guide below…

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