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Thanks Coach Jack! 
We have been so far removed from enjoying one another’s responsibilities and interests that little changes feel huge. I have only found one situation where I felt I HAD to “talk” to my husband about a way he was treating me that made me uncomfortable in front of others. I used your methods and to my surprise, he accepted what I had to say with zero excuses, and made a point to follow through.

Coach Jack’s free communication lessons will teach you to:

  1. Turn communication problems into communication opportunities,
  2. End miscommunication once and for all,
  3. Get your husband to open up and want to talk to you,
  4. Talk about sensitive issues even if your husband is easily upset,
  5. Shut down his complaining in a positive way, so that you never have to argue again.

Your lessons really helped! I have been finding myself saying things like, “I really like that” or “I’m really proud of you” and meaning it. Sad to say, I was so unaware of how few positive comments I was actually making. Best of all, my husband has started being nicer to me.

Are you sad, frustrated, or confused about how to connect with your husband through communication?  Are you in the process of losing him?

The good news is you can learn what to say and how to say it to make him want to listen and talk with you.

This free help is making such a difference in our lives, and my husband has no clue I am “working” on our marriage. The most interesting part is that I haven’t even gotten your book in the mail yet. Can’t wait to learn from it. So appreciate what you’re doing!

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