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End the behaviors that cause conflict and emotional distance in your marriage

“A must for anyone who has been rejected by their spouse or has trouble making relationships last”

Overcome Neediness book cover
“A Marriage Saver”

by Jack Ito PhD, Psychologist, Marriage and Relationship Coach

You will never lose a spouse who looks forward to being with you

Does your spouse or significant other look forward to talking with you and being with you? If not, then you have some behaviors you need to work on. This book will help you do that.

You will wish you had this book years ago. Learning from clear examples, you will quickly begin to experience closer relationships.

Whether you are single or married, you can . . .

  • Help prevent a breakup or divorce
  • Improve dating success
  • Be more attractive
  • Be more confident and relaxed
  • Get commitment from your partner
  • Improve other relationships
    …And Many More

PLUS: Help your partner to overcome neediness (relationship damaging behavior)

Overcome Neediness Book
“A Marriage Saver”

If you want to be more desirable by your partner, this book is for you.

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