Four Coaching Packages to Restore Your Relationship without Your Spouse’s Participation

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Do you want to go to counseling and spend session after session figuring out “why,”–talking about the history of your marriage problems, and being encouraged to divorce?


Do you want to work with Coach Jack and learn some things that you can do this week to start making your relationship better?

Package #1

Re-Connections Marriage Coaching for Reconciling

Get this package if…

  • Your spouse is no longer in love with you
  • Your spouse wants to separate/divorce
  • You want to learn how to re-attract, reconnect, and reconcile
  • If your spouse is having an affair, get the Coaching Package for Ending an Affair instead.

Package #2

Marriage Coaching for Ending a Spouse’s Affair

Get this package if…

  • You are living together, and
  • Your spouse is having an affair
  • You want to restore a loving, committed marriage
  • If you are not living together, get the Re-Connections Coaching Package instead.

Package #3

Restoring Love When You Have A Difficult Spouse

Get this package if…

  • Your spouse is selfish, rejecting, or controlling
  • You want to reconnect and use good boundaries
  • If your spouse wants to separate or divorce, get the Re-Connections Coaching Package instead.

Package #4

Overcome Neediness Coaching package

Get this package if…

  • Your behavior creates conflict
  • Your spouse feels like being married to you is a job
  • You are critical and argumentative, or
  • You are not married and keep failing at relationships

Regardless of your choice, your package will be customized to fit your particular situation

(Also Available: One session consultation)

Need help choosing?  Want to create a custom package?  Additional questions?

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Coaching Packages FAQ

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Absolutely. Your transactions are encrypted and processed by Stripe or PayPal. No account information is passed along to us. Even if our system was hacked, there would be no payment information to steal.

If you live in the USA and pay with PayPal, PayPal will offer you the opportunity to finance your payment over a 6 month period.

Unfortunately, no.

The sign up form asks about your availability. When we receive it, we will contact you, by email, with openings that match your availability. Subsequent sessions are scheduled during your coaching session.

Yes, as long as you give at least 24 hours notice.

You have 30 days to use your coaching sessions.

Coach Jack has many international clients. You can pay in your own currency and see how much it is when you go to pay. Coaching time will vary by time zone. Coach Jack is in Atlanta, GA, USA. He coaches between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., US Eastern Time (GMT-5 in Winter; GMT-4 in Summer).

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