Marriage and Relationship Coaching Packages


(All packages include Live, One-on-One Coaching  with Dr. Jack Ito by phone, Skype, or Zoom–International Clients Welcome!)


How are my coaching packages different from what other coaches offer?

  1. Live, one on one coaching: Interventions and skills are tailored to your precise needs (not a group presentation or scripted session offered by many coaching sites).
  2. All inclusive packages. No hidden fees. (ever wonder why most sites don’t post their fees?)  
  3. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions: To fit your busy schedule
  4. Skills approach: Clear direction, feel more empowered as your skills grow
  5. Christian, pro-family values: Saving your relationship is the priority
  6. You coach directly with Dr. Jack Ito (many sites advertise under a “Big Name” that you never get to work with).

1.  Re-Connections Marriage Coaching

Get this package if:

  • Your spouse is not in love with you, or
  • Your spouse wants to separate or divorce, or
  • You want to learn how to create a closer relationship.
  • If your spouse is having an affair, get the Coaching Package for Ending an Affair instead.

relationship coaching reconcilingIs your husband or wife on the way out of your relationship? Stopped spending time with you? Or just doesn’t feel in love with you anymore? If so, you probably can’t stop thinking about what you should do, keep replaying what your spouse said to you, and find it hard to sleep because your thoughts just won’t shut off. This relationship coaching package will help you to sleep again by teaching you how to re-attract  and re-connect with your spouse. This coaching is just for you. THIS IS NOT A COUPLE’S PACKAGE. Click for Details

2.  Marriage Coaching for Ending a Spouse’s Affair

Get this package if:

in a marriage with a broken heartIs your spouse having an affair at this very moment?  Is there still a chance for your marriage?  How do you confront in a loving way without being weak or needy?  If you are wrestling with these questions or are being “put on hold” while your spouse decides whether to continue your marriage or not (while still seeing the other man or woman), then you are a good candidate for this coaching package. Together we will help you to create the boundaries that will help end your spouse’s affair while also re-attracting your spouse. This coaching is just for you. THIS IS NOT A COUPLE’S PACKAGE.
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3.  Restoring Love with Difficult Spouses

Get this package if:

relationship coaching angry couplesAre you yelled at, blamed for everything, or shut out while your spouse retreats to his or her cave? If you are, you are probably feeling unloved and unimportant. People in this situation feel incredibly stuck because when they try to work on problems, their spouse shuts them down. They cycle between feeling angry and feeling sad–until they start to feel nothing. This package stops this downward spiral by teaching you how to get respect and become a positive change agent for your marriage. The end result will be partnership and a closeness that you both enjoy. This coaching is just for you. THIS IS NOT A COUPLE’S PACKAGE. Click for Details

4.  Becoming a Secure Partner (Overcome Neediness) Relationship Coaching Package

Get this package if:

  • Your behavior creates conflict rather than improvement, or
  • Your spouse feels like being married to you is a job, or
  • You are critical and argumentative, or
  • You keep failing at committed relationships.

relationship coaching neediness cycleIs your neediness making you unhappy and making your spouse or fiancé less attracted to you? Needy people experience roller coaster relationships. They get angry and controlling, then they get scared and give-in too easily. Their relationships are very unstable.  They have a deep fear of rejection because of an early loss. Because needy people are vigilant for any sign of rejection, they come off as controlling and critical to their partners, when all they want is to be loved. If you are needy, this package will help you to break the neediness cycle. The end result will be a stable, loving relationship with your partner.  This coaching is just for you. THIS IS NOT A COUPLE’S PACKAGE. Click for Details



Loving Solutions Consultation Session

Get a consultation if:

  • You need to know what steps to take to reconcile, or
  • You need a refresher for any skills from the other packages, or
  • You have completed coaching, but have an additional issue to deal with.

relationship coaching consultation sessionUnsure if your marriage or relationship can go on? Have no clue what is your next step for making things better? In this session, we will examine what is possible to achieve in your situation and look at the obstacles that you will need to deal with. We will put the steps you need to take in order so that you have a plan of action. You will be thankful for the peace of mind that you will have when you have a plan that you can follow. If you are married, you don’t need to worry that we will make a plan for divorce–this loving solutions package is for finding ways to make your relationship better, not worse. This package is for just you or you and your spouse. Click for Details

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