Marriage coaching for couples who want to focus on relationship building skills rather than on problems

When to get couples coaching vs. individual coaching:

Get couples coaching if you AND your spouse want to learn skills to end conflict and enjoy each other more. You will both learn how to change yourselves to make the relationship better for both of you.

Get individual coaching if your relationship is bad and your spouse is NOT interested in improving your relationship. You will learn to re-attract and re-connect with a rejecting spouse.

  • Live coaching by Phone, Skype, or Zoom with Dr. Jack Ito, (with or without web camera)
  • Confidentiality assured: you and your spouse will be the only people receiving services (not a group presentation)
  • You and your spouse can be in different locations and even different countries (conference call)
  • International clients welcome
  • Your package will be customized to meet your particular situation

You love each other, but it no longer feels that way.  Focusing on skills that re-connect will help you put love and romance back into your relationship.

coaching for couplesMany people have shared with me their disappointment after attending marriage counseling. They have told me how they felt the therapist took sides or asked questions that made them feel more hostile toward their spouses.

Many have also said how the therapist encouraged them to end their marriage and find someone more compatible.

Marriage coaching for couples focuses on skills rather than issues, so differences are minimized and sessions are positive and productive.

Couple’s coaching is for learning skills to create something better without focusing on conflicts.

Seven benefits of couple’s coaching:

  1. Couple’s coaching assesses which relationship skills are needed to emotionally and physically connect with each other.
  2. Couple’s coaching focuses on what you both want out of your relationship rather than conflict issues.
  3. Couple’s coaching gives you practice using your new skills, during your sessions.
  4. Couple’s coaching is non-confrontational. Love and boundaries replace arguing and convincing.
  5. Couple’s coaching gives you personalized, structured approaches, private sessions with your spouse.
  6. Couple’s coaching focuses on the here and now with available daily support. Get help when you need it.
  7. Couple’s coaching gives you peace of mind–knowing that your sessions will not be used to divide you from your spouse.

How much would these 7 benefits of couple’s coaching help you?  What do you believe people who successfully rebuild their marriage do?

Have you been looking for an alternative to marriage counseling that you and your spouse can both participate in? . . . One that is positively focused on learning connection skills rather than digging into the issues that are tearing you apart?

Dissatisfaction can happen in any relationship. When people become dissatisfied, most people either ineffectively start trying to change their partners, or emotionally shut down. Because both of these approaches cause emotional distancing, it is only a matter of time until the relationship will end.

The alternative is to work together to create a new relationship with your spouse.  This will bypass your spouse’s resistance by helping him or her to be emotionally satisfied as well. In couple’s coaching, you can get away from business partner or roommate roles and get back to being boyfriend-girlfriend to each other again.

Every situation is unique

There are basic necessities that every relationship has to have if it is going to thrive.

These are:

  1. Trust,
  2. love,
  3. respect, and
  4. commitment.

That doesn’t mean that every relationship will look the same. You found a partner who was a unique match to you. When you married, you created another thing that was unique–your relationship together. It does not make much sense to compare your relationship to the Jones’s and it doesn’t make any sense for us to try to make your relationship just like the Jones’s either.

In coaching for couples, we need to shape your relationship into something that uniquely works for the two of you. The initial emphasis in couple’s coaching will be on making sure the basic necessities of trust, love, respect, and commitment are in place.  The second, is in creating the kind of relationship that is not only possible for you, but goes beyond what you have had before.

The emphasis in coaching is always to move toward success

This is very different from counseling, which often is more of an attempt to simply fix current problems so that you can go back to the way things were. When people become dissatisfied with their relationships, they have little interest in going back to the way things were. They want new and fresh. That IS possible for your relationship and that is what you and your spouse can work on building together in coaching for couples.  

Here is what you will get with this one month, all-inclusive Fresh Start Marriage Coaching for Couples package:

1.  You and your spouse receive four coaching for couples sessions with me, Coach Jack, by telephone, Skype, or Zoom.  I guarantee that every time we talk together, you will walk away knowing what to do next. Real coaching is not talk therapy. It is learning to apply a specific set of skills to reach the goals you want to reach. This package will help you to productively work on skills that will help you and your spouse to have a closer relationship.

2.  A relationship assessment. This will help you understand the areas that need the most work to create a closer, loving relationship. While it is easy to identify distance in our relationships, it is not so easy to identify what needs to be done to close the relationship gap. Each of you will identify what you need to work on to make your partner more attracted to you.

3.  A life assessment. You and your husband or wife will use this to start making yourselves into secure, happy, and successful people. It is not the job of your spouse to do that for you. The more you can create a fulfilling life for yourself, the more joy you will bring into your relationship. The best marriages are not ones where we make our spouses responsible for our happiness. The best marriages are between two fulfilled people sharing their happiness together.

4.  Coaching summaries or mp3 recordings of your sessions.  You don’t need to hurriedly try to take notes and talk at the same time. After every session, you will receive a summary of the main points and action steps from that session. Optionally, you can receive an audio recording of your session. Referring to your coaching summary or recording between sessions will help to keep you on track and confident that you know what to do.


Hi Bill and Lisa,

In today’s coaching for couple’s session we practiced turning potential conflicts into opportunities for emotional connection.  Here are some reminders:

  • Whenever you hear your spouse say something that you don’t like …
  • Be sure when you agree, you don’t say things like…
  • Create an action plan to create positive change…
  • Make a backup plan to increase motivation by …
  • (several more recommendations)

5.  Extra, personalized email help as you need it. You and your spouse are able to get a personal response to email questions on business days. This is NOT pre-written, generic email that you will get from most coaching services. This is real, personal, individual email contact between you and me. Enjoy the security of getting a same day answer to what’s troubling you without needing to wait until your next session. This can save you many sleepless nights, and help to ensure that you and your spouse are doing the right things throughout the week.


Client email:  We are planning to go out tomorrow, but my wife is becoming anxious about it. I’m not sure what to do.

Coach Jack’s email response:  Hi Joseph. Anxiety is caused by expectations of problems. Be sure to clarify expectations of what you will be doing before, during, and after the outing as we practiced in your session.  


For the same price you would pay for a weekend away, you can improve your relationship for a lifetime.

Your payment includes your choice of four 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour sessions , relationship assessments, life assessments, coaching summaries or recordings, and personalized email support.


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