Becoming a Secure Partner Relationship Coaching Package

Suitable for:  Overcoming Neediness, Becoming Desirable, and Communicating Securely

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neediness cyleWhether You Are Single or Married, Man or Woman…

You don’t need to continue to feel hurt, rejected, jealous, or neglected by the one you love. You don’t need to spend a lot of energy (emotional and physical) trying to make sure that he (or she) loves you the way you want to be loved. That is the needy approach to having a relationship, and it doesn’t work. It just makes you get less respect and less love, and leads to you feeling even more needy. Eventually, either your partner will leave you or you will decide that the relationship is just too painful for you to continue with. Until then, you will feel stuck between the pain of staying and the pain of leaving. But, there is a better way.

Did you ever stop to think what would happen. . .

If instead of trying to make sure that he (or she) loves you better, you instead focused on taking better care of yourself? You would set good boundaries to earn his respect, you would respect his right to make his own decisions, but you would not let him mistreat you. And, if you combined that with messages and behaviors which were truly loving and helpful to him, that would make you a valued and respected partner.

You would become the kind of person that he would desire to be with, instead of someone he feels like he “has to” take care of.  It’s a very different approach from being needy, but it is also a very different approach from being rejecting, controlling, or threatening.  And, if you want long term commitment with true love, it may be your only chance to get it.

“Why work on my neediness if my partner is treating me badly?”

You need to work on earning his (or her) respect, and re-attracting him, before he will be motivated to work on himself. Because as long as you behave in a needy and controlling way, he can easily point to you as the reason for the problems in the relationship. You must learn to change your approach so it can become apparent (to him) that he needs to make some changes.

When you make the kind of changes that I’m talking about, he won’t want to lose you–ever.  Can you honestly say that he feels that way now?  To become the kind of woman (or man) who gets both love and respect, you will need to replace your needy behaviors with the skills of a secure partner.

Important skills to overcome neediness, get more intimacy, and commitment

  • Learn to get respect
  • Learn when to trust and when not to
  • Learn to express love in a secure, other-focused, way
  • Learn to take care of your emotions and be less reactive
  • Learn to identify patterns and set priorities in your relationship
  • Learn how to prevent conflict and to talk about difficult subjects productively

These skills will help you to be confident and loving, rather than fearful and angry

Women (and men) who have these skills bring out the very best behavior in their partners and easily get to commitment. They are able to love fully and be themselves because they don’t live in fear of losing their relationship. Single women who learn these skills go from having serial breakups to long term relationships. And, they no longer “settle” for men who aren’t right for them.  Married women and men who use these skills are able to restore love and commitment to failing relationships.

Here’s what you will get with this one month, Becoming a Secure Partner Relationship Coaching Package

Included with Basic, Standard, and Deluxe Packages:

  • Four one on one, neediness ending, relationship coaching sessions with psychologist, author, and relationship coach Jack Ito PhD.
  • A detailed assessment of your relationship to maximize your progress.
  • A detailed life assessment to help you make your life the way you want it to be.

Included with Standard, and Deluxe Packages:

  • Longer sessions to allow you to work on multiple issues.
  • Weekly summaries based on your coaching sessions, or optional mp3 recordings of your sessions.  No need for you to take notes!

Included with Deluxe Package:

  • Personal help by email.  No need to wait a whole week when you need a quick answer about something that is happening in your relationship.


Basic package (Four 30 minute sessions + above features):  $493.90

Standard package (Four 45 minute sessions + above features):  $740.85

Deluxe package (Four 60 minute sessions + above features):  $1187.80

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