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What to Do When He Won’t Change:  Saving Your Marriage or Relationship When He Is Angry, Selfish, Unhappy, or Avoids You

“I am reading your book What To Do When He Won’t Change when I had an epiphany! Thank you for pointing out that his behavior is because he’s insecure about how to be a good husband. That’s WHY he’s quiet and seems distant and detached when he’s with me. That’s WHY he’s outgoing, talkative and everyone’s best friend. It’s an issue with his self image as a husband. 😎 Such an easy fix!!!”–Pam

Book by Marriage and Relationship Coach Jack Ito PhD
Don’t be stuck. Don’t leave. Make it better.

by Jack Ito PhD, Psychologist, Marriage and Relationship Coach

  • Available at Online Stores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Paperback 246 pages
  • Also Available as Kindle e-book
  • 2011

Has your partner become an angry, selfish, unhappy, or avoidant person?  Does he refuse to go to counseling or work on your relationship?  Would you like a way to make things better without having to end your relationship or threaten to?

In What To Do When He Won’t Change, you will learn the four major motivations that drive men’s behavior in relationships.  You can then use the down to earth examples and win-win interventions to work with your partner’s motivations rather than against them.  The result?  Faster change with less conflict.

With this book, you can learn:

  • How to make your relationship better, permanently, without threats.
  • How to stop him from pushing your buttons,
  • How to put an end to his angry and controlling behavior,
  • How to increase his desire to spend time with you,
  • How to get him to talk with you without fighting,
  • How to get him to be fair about money, sex, and time,
  • How to get his respect and be more important to him,
  • How to help him be happier and more active.
  • How to get back feelings of love, for both of you, and
  • How to work together toward a positive future.
Book by Marriage and Relationship Coach Jack Ito PhD
Disclosure: I make a small commission for affiliate links on this page

Wouldn’t you like to get back the man you fell in love with?

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