Loving Solutions Marriage Coaching Session

(Single Session Consultation)

Live, One-on-one Coaching by Phone or Skype (With or Without Web Camera)

hope for troubled marriagesYou can have a better marriage.  And you don’t need to be patient to do it.  If you are like most people, you have read books, looked at tons of advice columns, and watched videos on improving your marriage…only to have little or no success at actually improving your marriage. That is the point where many people feel discouraged and start to think that their marriage is hopeless. But, coaching will bring new life to your marriage by giving you new ways to positively create respect and partnership.

Marriage coaching is not about finding some super duper method that will solve all your problems while you sleep. That only happens in fairy tales and late night infomercials. The real way to improve marriages takes work. But, it takes a specific kind of work. The reason my marriage coaching is so successful is that I make sure that you are doing the right work–work that really creates the desire in your spouse to treat you the way you want and deserve to be treated.

Your coaching is individualized to your situation. You won’t get a cookie cutter approach, general training in reflective listening, or just be expected to talk, talk, talk. Instead, you and I will work as a team to see just what you need to do to make your marriage better.  My clients enjoy working with me, and I enjoy working with them.

The most effective approach is to work on your spouse’s desire to be with you, love you, and treat you well. This is a positive approach to healing marriages that is very effective. If you have been looking for a positive way to deal with severe marital problems, then you will enjoy the work we do together. And, you won’t need to fear any kind of backlash from your spouse.

Are you ready to start making your marriage good again?

I am confident that I can provide steps that you can take to start making your  relationship better. I will refund the cost of the package if I don’t. The only conditions are that you still have to have contact with your spouse and he or she must not already be committed to someone else.

Hope you’re well. Wanted to let you know my wife and I reconciled. I moved back home a week ago after a 42 day separation. I know we only had one call but was helpful along with your book on neediness. We’re also continuing with counseling. God is good!–RC


Options and Pricing

You have the choice of a

  1. 30 Minute Basic Session and 1 day of personal email support for $169.90
  2. 45 Minute Standard Session and 3 days of personal email support for $254.90, or
  3. 60 Minute Deluxe Session and 7 days of email support for $394.90



All options include a summary or recording of your coaching session so that you will be able to focus on your session instead of on taking notes.  Your coaching summary will include the action steps that we came up with in your session to get your relationship moving forward again. Clients tell me that these summaries are helpful not only during the week, but later on as reviews to keep them on track and doing well.

Additionally, you will receive personal email support.  You will be writing directly to me and receiving my personal replies.  You can feel confident that you are getting professional, personal help, every time.

Signing Up:

Getting coaching is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Fill out the sign up form which will ask you your preferred coaching time.
  3. When you submit the form, it will take you to PayPal for your secure payment.

That’s it!  Coach Jack will email you times and days you can choose from for your session.

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If you have any questions before you register, you can send Coach Jack an email