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Simply amazed!

Jack gives straight answers and provides you with the skills to improve your relationship. I highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling in their marriage/relationship. Thank you Jack for your wisdom in helping me be secure in myself! Eternally grateful and God bless!
- Dolores/CA

Direct and Effective

I found Coach Jack through the series of books he published- which are all great! He tells it like it is and his methods work! You have to focus on how you are a contributor to the problems you have in your marriage, as you are the only person you are responsible for changing; and Coach Jack helps you to do just that! Our relationship has improved. His methods help you to be a more secure person, even if you are single. Thanks Coach Jack!!!
- Courtney/NC

The secrets to win back your wife

My sessions with Jack have been great. In just four weeks I went from my wife starting an emotional affair with her ex, asking for divorce, screaming and yelling, to us living together again, hugs, kisses, hand holding, cuddling. She can't believe how much I've changed she says - she doesn't know I've been talking to a reconciliation coach. I'm not out of the woods yet - but where I am today compared to where I was 4 weeks ago is directly attributed to MY BEHAVIOR changes, which Jack helped coach me on what I needed to do right away to make an impact. Setting good boundaries was the first thing I did and it prevented us from separating. Getting rid of my needy behaviors, begging, crying, etc. and being more SECURE in the relationship (and even out of the relationship if that were to be the case) had a direct impact on her behavior around me. Now I'm a pleasure to be around and she tells me. Only time will tell but if I keep up the things I've learned, I believe we are going to be better than we ever were once the dust settles!
- Will / Florida

Learn great relationship skills

Coach Jack has provided me with the skills and confidence to really understand what is needed in a relationship. Most of these things I had no clue about as a guy. It was only when my marriage was in real trouble that I was able to wake up & know I had to do something better than what I was doing. The content I read on Coach Jack’s website attracted me to hire him & hear more about what he had to say. The sessions were a bit confusing for me at first because everything we are programmed to do as men, such as “fixing” the relationship, was all wrong. Coach Jack was able to not only teach me the skills required for attraction, connection, & similarity, but to also change my habits. My marriage is not out of the woods by far, but no matter what, I have learned new skills for an even better marriage or for an even better relationship with someone else. I highly recommend Coach Jack to help with improving your relationship skills. Thanks Coach Jack for helping me remember that I am an Alpha!
- Nick La/Baton Rouge

A direct and simple approach

Coach Ito, does not fluff it up and that's the best part. He tells you as it is and helps wake you up to doing it a way that makes sense. He gives you a practical approach to finding a path to consistent showing up in a way that you feel good about and others can too!
- RIck NJ

Excellent, Direct & Effective Coaching

I found Coach Ito via one of his awesome books---Overcoming Neediness. I was so impressed with the principles and directives in the book, it really helped me to understand the damage I was inflicting on my marriage because of my needy behavior. Well-- the book was great, BUT working with Coach Ito directly was INCREDIBLE! Not incredible in some magical, soft and sweet, pie in the sky kind of way---- but incredible in that Coach Ito TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! His Coaching style is full of wisdom and experience, but not for the faint hearted. You need to understand that he wants to make it clear the real problems---- and it is probably not all your partner's fault. He will call out truths--- and at the same time, give you direct and effective information to truly help you have a better relationship. It starts with YOU! I highly recommend if you are ready for truth---and ready to make a change.
- B. Hill

Difficult at first but spot on!

I was coached by Jack shortly after my wife told me she was no longer in love me and wanted to separate. I did all of the cookie-cutter actions at first; cried, begged, manipulated and became angry. Jack was straight to the point, and I was confused and frustrated at first. Many months later it all makes sense. It was almost like having a crystal ball, as everything Jack said was 100% accurate. Fast forward 2 months, my wife ended up not moving out (she had a place rented and bought all new furniture and appliances). She came to me and said she can’t believe how much I have changed, and she wants to keep our family together and go to counseling. Everything is almost like it was when we got married 13 years ago (actually better). I owe a lot of this to coach Jack...thanks Jack!
- Jeremy PA USA

Exceptional advice

The principles and concepts taught to me by Jack were invaluable. He offered clear direction which was easy to understand. Although I'm moving toward separation with my wife, our relationship has dramatically improved with his help and I am confident she will want me back in the future if I continue applying his techniques. I Highly recommend using his services
- Tim/Australia

The tools to be a better person

Coach jack gave me the best advice of how to be a better person not only for myself but in a relationship .his advice is honest and straightforward and leaves no doubt in your mind that he is setting you on the right path !! Thank you jack Ito your coaching is second to none !!
- Jason Australia

Jack saved my marriage

When I started with Jack my wife and I were separated and my wife was not in love with me. 4 weeks later we're back living together and I have the tools to continue growing and rebuilding our relationship, with my wife telling me she loves me daily. I recommend Jack's services to anyone who finds themselves in the same unfortunate situation.
- Grant, Canada

Amazing guidance and effective tools

I first heard about Dr. Ito when I discovered his book about neediness. After listening to the book and focusing on myself, I hired Dr. Ito to help me with my difficult marriage a year later. I’ve always been in therapy and my husband and I have done marriage therapy in the past, but coaching with Dr. Ito is so much better. Instead of just talking about my feelings, he helps make a plan to move forward. He helps guide you for your specific situation and tells you what to do. He helps you solve the issues, not just re-hash them. I learned more about myself and how I interact with my husband in 4 coaching sessions than in years of therapy. If you need help, enlist his services. You won’t regret it.
- Lora, California

Great help

I had Jack’s most basic coaching program but even in the allotted half-hour Jack was very helpful, especially when I had prepared questions for him over some of his material that I had read previously.
- Steve CA USA

Great Value for Money

I really wish I would have found Jack years ago. His perspective and approach to relationship coaching taught me a lot techniques and skills that I will be able to apply to all relationships in the future. Whether you’re trying to reconcile or enhance an existing relationship, I Would highly recommend his services and support,
- Shane in North Carolina

Great Value for Money

I really wish I would have found Jack years ago. His perspective and approach to relationship coaching taught me a lot techniques and skills that I will be able to apply to all relationships in the future. Whether you’re trying to reconcile or enhance an existing relationship, I Would highly recommend his services and support,
- Shane in North Carolina

Your 1st choice

I came across Jack’s website during a difficult time in my relationship with my spouse. Jack immediately related to me and was very easy to speak to. He is a master at what he does and very organized in his thoughts and presentation of the material that is so important in understanding the psychological reasoning behind basic concepts of connection and communication among many others. What I particularly found useful was his following up every session with an email summary of the session hence removing the need to make notes and allowing the client to be fully engaged in the moment. Jack has made me a better person and I am hopeful that by practicing tips and executing his advise will improve my relationship with both my spouse, friends and colleagues each in their own way. Jack, I wish you continued success and hope you touch many others’ lives as you much as you did mine.
- Omid

Worth it

I enlisted Coach Jack’s help a week after my wife told me she wasn’t in love with me anymore. At that time I was a sorry sap willing to do anything and everything to get her back. Jack corrected that. He showed me that in order to change her mind, I can’t convince, I need to show her, and get her attracted to me again. Through my four week course I learned a lot of skills, most counter intuitive to what I thought true, but Jack called it each time. It felt like he had a playbook on my relationship. My wife and I are separated, but I’ve learned more about connection, confidence, and attraction through this program than I ever have before. It’s given me the strength to accept the good and bad and know that I can change myself and if my wife is attracted to it great, but if not, that’s okay too and someone else will be.
- Chris in Minnesota

Down to earth coaching

When I discovered my wife was having an affair, I searched the internet for help. I paid money for numerous programs and coaches regarding affairs. What I found wasn’t worth the money and was not helpful to me. It appeared most programs wanted more and more money for very generalized information. I came across Jack’s website and read all of his articles. I purchased his book on neediness. (excellent book). Jack’s writing/advice was practical and very helpful. I decided to do online coaching and it was the best thing for my situation at the time. Jack was straight forward, no BS and was not out to get my money. We had multiple sessions. Jack was upfront with me about when my situation did not need further coaching and when it would be wise to continue coaching (based on circumstances with wife). After ending sessions with him, I kept his advice in mind and applied it. 10 months later, my wife ended the affair and we are currently reconciling. His advice has stuck with me and is still helping me to this day. I take comfort in knowing that he is an available and invaluable resource if I need his guidance again. Thank you Jack!
- Rose in California

Great Skill Development

Looking back at my time as a husband I can see many of the mistakes I made, not just in marriage, but as a friend. Jack gave me long term skills I can apply to all relationships. I definitely need practice, but I know this is progress in the right direction. Jack is the real deal when it comes to relationships. I have no regrets about following his advice.
- Desmond

Good boundaries help

Coach Jack was very helpful in me seeing the truth in my marriage and helped me conquer my fears to move on and set boundaries. I will continue consulting him in the future as I set the pieces of my marriage right!
- Andrew in the UK

Much needed guidance

My ex-husband filed for divorce. I was working with another coach, but their advice did nothing to help me reconcile with my ex-husband. All it did was help push him even further away. So in the end the divorce went through. I started coaching with Coach Jack and within a short period of time I learned so many new skills. I already see improvements in the relationship with ex-husband. Had I worked with Jack back then, I am sure my marriage could have been saved.
- Sandra in Chicago

Eye Opener

Great balance between hard and soft approach. Eye opener, great! I received hands on advices on boundaries during separation. I just wished I could have gotten even more advices on my specific personal case. But overall, great coach and support!
- Alexandra in The Netherlands

A Radical Approach to Relationships!

Until I read Jack's work and used his coaching, I had no idea how disconnecting it is to argue with your spouse. I was also practicing "Needy" behaviors as outlined in his book, "Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want." His techniques for connecting through agreement and overcoming neediness were different than any other coaching or relationship self-help books I have seen anywhere! Even though it is likely too late to save my marriage (my husband is having an affair with a girl 30 years his junior), I feel this information and coaching will be invaluable for my future relationships - not just with my spouse, but everyone in my life. I am also learning how to have firm and loving boundaries. My only problem with Coach Jack is that I wish I had found him sooner! Then perhaps our marriage could have been saved. - Gratefully, Maureen
- Maureen

Empowering during a trial separation

My wife and I had been separated for a month when I engaged Coach Jack. The separation was initiated by my wife and it came as a complete shock to me. I sought answers for how to explain what happened. There are plenty of fantastic books on marriage out there. Though all they did was reinforce what I should have been doing all along to prevent landing into the situation I am in. There are a few books on separation though they didn't quite resonate with my situation. These books often put a primary focus on applying love and biblical principles, which could work if your spouse is receptive to that treatment/guilt. When you are the left-behind spouse, this approach can lead to a lot of rejection. The use of "love" is often too late for a spouse who now sees you as desperate and wants space from you. Coach Jack was able to give me practical steps to gradually emotionally reconnect with my wife and to immediately stop damaging behaviors that push her away or lead to more rejection. He taught me a different style of communication (that you can read about in his book "Connecting Through 'Yes!'") which has been very helpful in the re-connection process. I have definitely noticed improvement in how my wife and I communicate after just one month. Coach Jack really cuts to the chase and you need to be ready to accept some hard truths about your situation. He doesn't promise a quick fix. He was clear that the process can take months with many pitfalls along the way. I highly recommend using Coach Jack's services. If you're still undecided, thoroughly read through the articles in his archive. If you find that resonates with your situation then you should really consider using him.
- Rob in Texax

He did it again!

Over a year ago coach jack helped save my marriage and more recently, his coaching did it again! His online resources are amazing but his book “Connecting through Yes” is a MUST as well as coaching sessions when you need help. Don’t make the mistake I made by falling into old repetitive relationship-DAMAGING behaviors ! Remember what he has taught you and stay with it!
- Anthony

Crucial perspective

Coach Ito was to the point and clear. There was no sugar- coating of the advice. You must be willing to hear his analysis of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and be open to modifying your own behavior in order to reach your goals in a relationship. You can either take the advice or reject it but either way, hearing it will benefit you. His insights are the result of his experience and his training, so he speaks to real life human behavior patterns not fairytales. As such, his comments resonate and break through preconceived notions allowing real action to be taken. The book he wrote Connecting Through Yes was the single most impactful piece of material I have encountered pertaining to relationships. It, along with his specific coaching sessions, were instrumental in giving me power over my own life.
- Allyson

Supportive and effective

Coach Jack's primary focus is helping you get what you want in very clear and direct ways. He is very quick to analyze situations and provide valuable insight and clear action plans that are incredibly effective. He gives his advice in a way that is easy to understand and follow!
- Andrea

Hear what needs to be heard

Working with Jack was a valuable learning experience. He’s encouraging when he needs to be, supportive when he needs to be and not afraid to call you out when he needs to. I highly recommend Jack’s books and especially his coaching.
- Russell R

Very helpful

I was totally lost, but with Jack's help, I started to see a bit clearer. I still haven't reconciled yet but it's looking better. Thanks for your help Jack.
- Jason in Canada

Flipping the script

Jack was honest and clear in his guidance about what would have the greatest impact. He highlighted for me how my critical communication habits were unhelpful in my relationship . I’m working on that to create more connection moving forward. Thank you Jack.
- Betty from England

Great Coach

Coach Ito provides great advice for any relationship crisis. His advice is very practical and goes into much more detail than anything you will find on the Internet. He provides great examples and solutions to assist in meeting your needs that are applicable and work. His tactics are smart and work. I highly recommend his coaching for anyone looking to improve or save a relationship from the brink of disaster.
- Cody

Acquire exceptional life changing skills

This review is a delayed action to a much deserving gift. It has been an incredible experience a gift and privilege using the services of Dr Ito. With Jack’s coaching I managed even with several slips to avoid divorcing and have my wife fall back in love with me (and me falling back in love with her all over again). I wish I listened closer to everything that Jack pointed to me and suggested I do from day one. Some of the hardest things he suggested would have saved a lot of pain I endured in the process. I am still working on improving myself almost a year later from my last sessions and following the skills I learned in my sessions. The skills acquired from the coaching sessions are useful to me in my everyday life and in many difficult situations and relationships outside my marriage. I mentioned to Coach Jack a while back that his coaching is life changing and he was very humble about it. If you are facing critical issues with your spouse and/or also want to improve your life in multiple areas and/or relationships you will be doing yourself a great favor by signing up for his services.
- Abner


Jack has been an exceptional coach. His advice is very clear and helpful. He was very good at teaching specific skills that had a direct impact on my ability to connect better with my husband. Sometimes I did not want to hear what he had to say, but what he had to say was always truthful and enlightening. Thank you Jack!
- Anne

Good, solid relationship counsel

As uncomfortable as it is to admit it, we contribute to the problems in our relationships. Jack helped me to see how I could react differently, which empowered me and encouraged me to continue to work at it. It is a process, but all of his counsel has proved to be effective. I would recommend him to anyone who is willing to face the truth and grow.
- Laura

Clear, effective and impactful

When my wife and I became disconnected, I started working on myself and searched for answers in multiple places - from books and articles to professional help. By far the most impactful work I've done was with Coach Jack. Coach Jack was able to identify the issues with my marriage that I've been struggling with finding. Walking out of every coaching session, I had a level of confidence and clarity that I haven't experienced before. I started applying the skills Coach Jack taught me and immediately began noticing results, both in connecting better with my wife, and also with others around me. I'm incredibly grateful for Coach Jack's help and I highly recommend his services.
- Roman

Simple But Highly Effective

Coach Jack makes difficult concepts simple and breaks things down into highly impactful techniques -- he was a life saver. Before speaking to Jack, I was doing the absolute wrong things.
- Peter

Custom fit Coaching

Coach Jack meets you where you are at in the relationship. I had a lot of what I thought were “unique “ to me problems with my marriage and he was able to break things down in a way I could confront and change my behavior to handle any issues that came up. Before working with Jack I was going constant turmoil over my marriage and what to do... now I have the skills to stop the damaging behaviors and build back the love and trust that was broken. Most importantly I feel empowered in my relationship and not a victim. Thanks so very much Jack!!
- Shanna

Being a secure and attractive person

Being real and having a realist view of me and my relationship was just a starting point of what Coach Ito helped me with. That first step has helped with my mindset about being a secure and attractive man where in any relationship I can be genuine and a loving person. I am deeply grateful for his honesty and insights along with his support on my journey.
- Nelson

Great guidance

Dr. Ito provided me with great information to guide me through my relationship journey. He is direct but understanding. As he pointed out, practice & practice and don't be afraid to make mistakes. I really appreciate his help
- Mauricio


Dr Jack saved my marriage. I reconciled after a separation almost exclusively because of the tips and guidance of Jack Ito. I am beyond grateful.
- Martin from Poland

Practical, Applicable Insight.

5 Stars! I HIGHLY recommend talking to Dr. Jack. He offers brilliant insight, practical wisdom and applicable advice. The best relationship building information I've ever received.
- Mike

Great Relationship Coaching!

Coach Jack was really honest and I could tell he had a lot of experience in knowing what to do immediately after my first session right after my wife told me "I don't love you anymore" and the shock hadn't worn out yet. I also read all of his articles in his web page and they were extremely helpful. I also bought his book on communication through agreement and with his coaching, it really helped me make an immediate impact with my wife and get her to feel relaxed and wanting to be with me more than before she left that she could not believe how I was so accepting and it was obviously due to coach Jack because he helped me see the benefits to doing this versus reacting to my emotions. He also helped me transition more peacefully into the "separation stage" with my wife because it was a really tough and confusing time for me and I would have probably been devastated or worse off if I did not get his advise since he told me what to expect and really calmed my nerves. Although my wife and I are not yet reconciled, we now have a better relationship and are starting to date a little bit more now with dinners/lunches through Coach Jack's program only after one month. You would be very smart to use his relationship services. Thanks Coach Jack!
- Neil C from Kansas

Learned new skills

I learned new skills today and a new way of thinking. I am excited and suddenly a lot of fog and uncertainty appears to be lifted from my mind. I can now at least see a path as to how to save my relationship or at the very least get my life back in my own control.Overcome inertia and realize that there is always something you can do to make a meaningful difference.
- Altaf

Changed my relationship

I worked with coach Jack for 4 weeks he has given me tools I weren't even aware of. The best part is that I can use these tools and grow closer to my husband every day. Thank you coach Jack for everything. The skills I have learned has helped us so much! God bless!
- Shaneeka

The Affair

My husband is having an affair and I asked him to move out because he chose her. He has been gone 22 days now, sleeping on his boat. Jack has helped me immensely in approaching this situation in a rational and easy, step by step fashion. He has empowered me to ask the questions that needed to be asked. He also taught me ways to connect with people and gave fantastic advice on how to communicate with my husband and others. He is positive, upbeat and brutally honest, which is appreciated greatly. He also has written many articles and books which are proving to be enormously helpful. I highly recommend him as a relationship or marital coach.
- Jennifer

Things can get better

My wife separated from me and told me she was talking to and had feelings for someone else. She said she knew she would never feel different about me. I waited 6 months to get coaching and was making many mistakes. Jack can teach you how to be a confident secure man. With his coaching I’m in a much better place and it’s helping me attract my wife again. There is much more power than you think in your ability to behave in a way that can re attract your wife.
- Bryan

Clear and concise

After a consultation session, I felt understood and was given honest and clear feedback as to how to improve myself. Made the world of difference for me. I will use Dr Ito again when needed
- Gigi

Fantastic Coach Jack!

If you want personalized help, skip internet, skip books, get Coach Jack! I came to Dr Ito (Coach Jack) at a very desperate time. Highly analytical person by nature, I was engulfed by an unfamiliar, disorienting feeling of helplessness. I searched internet far and wide. Dr Ito's words were the only ones that resonated with the logical side of me. During the 4 week program, Coach Jack had proven himself as a master coach. He understood my unique cultural background and spoke to me in a way that got me to take action. In two session I was already much better. After 3 weeks, I was already back to my analytical self and was thinking of skipping lesson. But the forth and final lesson was where huge unexpected progress was made. Coach Jack spotted the single biggest problem with my communication style. A style that gave me professional success but is detrimental to my relationships. I think Coach Jack's 4 week coaching program offers great value for me. I never bother with review but I offered to do this for Coach Jack because I think his coaching had been transformative. It has been 2 weeks since my last coaching session. Life is filled with new challenges and I still find it useful to revisit notes/words from Coach Jack's session than searching random answers on the internet. Thank you again, Coach Jack.”
- Alice from Sydney Australia

Fountain of Knowledge

I love my wife to death, but that love just wasn't shining through. Even when it seemed like I was on the side of reason and even with the best intentions, I had been doing many things the wrong way as her husband. Coach Jack opened my mind to many new ideas that have been very thought provoking and proved to be extremely useful. That said, you really have to try to carry an open mind and be able to take constructive criticism. I never knew marriage coaching could be this effective in changing the course of my marriage. In just one month of coaching, my wife went from hopelessly shutting me out to embracing me and feeling excited for our future. I will continue to practice what I've learned and be forever grateful to Coach for passing on his wisdom.
- Joseph from S.F.

Regained perspective

Dr Ito provided me with the tools I needed to look at my relationship (and myself) the way I once did. Over time, some of us tend to lose sight of things, even when these things are the most valued in our lives. This happened to me and I thank Dr Ito for challenging me and pointing me in the right direction for growth and self-improvement. With self-improvement comes positive changes in all aspects of our lives. Thanks, Coach!
- RG from Texas

Becoming the man I once was

For the first few years of our marriage, it was close to perfect. But, no one taught us how to handle the kids, the job stress, the money issues that slowly corroded our relationship. I avoided her anger; she had an affair. We separated. I realized I still love her. I took responsibility for pushing her away. I read books, I tried all sorts of therapy, I tried courses, but it all failed. She did not want to participate. That's when I called Jack. We worked for a few months, off-and-on, restoring the man I was before life's challenges impacted me, the man she fell in love with. Both me and her are still on our journeys, but I now feel we have a shot. Nothing is remotely as effective as Jack's method for restoring a relationship when your partner is reluctant. I was glad I purchased the full package, which provided an immediate relief between sessions: I emailed him incessantly, and he quickly replied. I still ping Jack from time to time, as an energy shot when I feel we are derailing, and I see him as my true confidant, guide and mentor.
- Ronnie from L.A.

Uncanny Knowing of What's Needed

Coach Jack was able to quickly discern what was going on in my particular situation regarding my marriage and action steps I needed to take immediately. Results were seen quickly and I have a greater understanding of what to do and where to get support moving forward. I honestly believe coach Jack may have saved my marriage. Thank you!
- Anthony

The Right Help at the Right Time

Hi, my name is Paul, I live in Ireland. I used Coach Jack to help me get back on the right road with my wife who I am separated from. This was done on a weekly basis and Jack contacted me promptly at the allocated time by Skype. The sessions started with advising me on the stages of rebuilding my relationships and the 'dos and don'ts'. I learnt about boundaries, not been needy and how to be more attractive. I had been saying and doing the wrong things for a few months when we separated first. The message I wanted to give my wife was the same but I had been using the wrong words or actions. I learnt how and when to say and do things. I'm more confident about sorting things with my wife, but have also learnt it's not the end of the world if it doesn't work out. But I have the tools to give it my best shot. Most things I learnt were the opposite to what I was doing, but when explained made perfect logical sense. I just want to say Thanks again to Jack for helping me get through this hard time and would Highly Recommend Jack and his services to anyone. I would also recommend his book Connecting Through Yes which I dipped into between sessions to help me out. 5 star and Professional.
- Paul in Ireland

FINALLY right course of action

I do wish I'd come across you months ago. You seem to truly "get it." No one else I've looked into or read has come anywhere close to understanding my situation as well as you do. I FINALLY feel I know the proper course of action to take, and will follow your recommendations fully. You've lifted a huge anxiety weight off me now that I'm no longer guessing at whether or not I'm taking the right actions. Clearly, I was not doing so before.
- Matt

Building confidence

I took coaching from Jack and one of his advice was to not be a doormat with my situation. I ended up standing up for myself and told my husband i was fed up with his ways and things definetly turned around to where I got control of my marriage and my husband was the one who was begging at my feet. I thank Jack for the wonderful advice he provided.
- Christina

Proud of you Coach Jack

I feel the need to say this to you. I am really proud of you. For being who you are, and of what you are offering to the world. To follow your passion and to share that in order to help others is very admirable! I wish you the very best, and may the universe shower you with all the kindness it can offer!"
- Ed W.

Learned how to love my husband right

I wasn't ready to love my husband, but you taught me how to do that in a strong way. If I said it was easy I'd be lying, but I don't know how I could've done it without you. Thank you, Jack.
- Jennifer from L.A.


I'm sure God led me to you. You have helped me soooo much! I will always be grateful for restoring my marriage
- Thomas from Denver

Changed my thinking

I was so focused on what my husband was doing I couldn't think of anything else. Coach Jack helped me to focus on points of connection and how to build on them. It gave something different to think about and it helped get my husband back
- Adrienne from UK

Helped a lot!

I was a little hesitant at first, but coach Jack really helped.
- Sarah